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  • Improve Exercise Performance
  • Convert Body Fat to Energy
  • Increase Concentration and Focus
  • Reduce Appetite
  • Support Weight Loss
  • Full Label Transparency

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MYOTREND® BURN is the ultimate lifestyle based “Thermogenic fat burner.” A product that is equally effective when training or living your life. Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, anyone wanting to optimize their fat loss, enhance energy, improve focus, and avoid the afternoon crash should use BURN.

The formula includes five specialty ingredients (BioPerine, Carnosyn, Capsimax, Chromax, and Teacrine) with a combined:

  • 55 Scientific Studies
  • 14 U.S. and Global Patents
  • 9 Supported Claims

The main ingredient (Capsimax™) is encapsulated in a patented beadlet technology created to eliminate the otherwise harsh and burning sensation associated with capsaicin the active ingredient in red peppers. The desired effect: mobilization of fat stores and conversation of calories for energy production.

In addition to increasing body temperature, converting fat to energy BURN also is formulated to produce razor sharp focus and concentration, regulate blood sugar and improve exercise threshold capacity.

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Supplement Facts

Specialty Ingredients


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