Is Pre-Workout Safe For Me to Take?

Chances are, if you’re into working out you’ve probably heard of pre-workout. Pre-workout is used
by millions of gym-goers and praised for its stimulating effects. But is this supplement safe to
include in your fitness regime?

While the safety of pre-workout supplements has been debated, they are generally safe when
taken at the proper dose. Ingredients found in many blends include caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine,
L-arginine, and citrulline. While ingredient ratios vary depending on the brand, the general effect is
the same. Increased strength, improved endurance, mental clarity, and muscle “pumps” are some
of the positive effects. These factors combine to give you a longer, stronger training session.

Not only does pre-workout enhance athletic performance, it can improve mood and give you a
temporary muscle “pump”. The mood-enhancing benefits can be attributed to the caffeine found in
most blends. L-arginine and niacin also provide the aesthetic enhancement factor. They temporarily
make your muscles look larger by expanding your blood vessels.

With all of these positive side effects, pre-workout seems too good to be true. But there are
potentially unpleasant effects. You may have heard of the pre-workout “tingles” that can happen
with certain formulas. This sensation is called “paresthesia”, and is caused by the beta-alanine in
many blends. Other uncomfortable side effects reported include headaches, stomach upset, and
anxiety. While these effects are only temporary, they could be enough to ruin your training session.
Another thing to consider is your current caffeine habits. If you use pre-workout before every
workout, your caffeine tolerance will rise accordingly. This means you need a higher dose to get the
same initial effect.

So while pre-workout supplements are considered safe, it is important to consider how they may
affect you. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, pre-workout is a great option for when you need
an extra boost before your workout!


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