BCAA BENEFITS – Top 5 Ways Amino Acids Can Boost Performance and Help You Get Ripped

bcaa benefits

BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, are one of the most heavily studied and
proven-effective supplements on the market. Aiding athletes in performance, aesthetics,
energy levels, and strength gains, BCAAs are an easy way to get an edge on your
fitness goals.

1. Longer, Stronger Workouts

One of the best BCAA benefits is its ability to support intense workouts. One of
the ways they do this is through inhibiting the production of serotonin in your
brain, which rises significantly during exercise. Though serotonin is often
associated with happiness, it also contributes to feeling fatigued. BCAAs block
this rush of serotonin, and increase the intensity and duration of your training

2. More Efficient Recovery

Another one of the greatest BCAA benefits is better recovery and muscle repair.
This means muscle soreness is less likely and less intense. Quicker muscle
repair lets you feel better during the day and gets you back in the gym sooner.

3. Help Burn Fat and Maintain Muscle

Though it’s not a miracle drug, BCAAs do support the fat burning process. When
you cut calories, the body often turns to muscle protein for fuel. The result is your
metabolism eating away at your hard-earned muscle. Supplementing with
BCAAs helps prevent muscle loss and encourages muscle protein synthesis.

4. Decrease Stress and Fatigue

Another benefit of BCAAs is their effect on energy availability. Amino acids help
your cells use energy more efficiently, and even block the “stress hormone”
cortisol. Not only do BCAAs help your body, they give your brain an extra boost
of motivation when you want to quit your workout. Amino acids in their branched
form are easier for your body to use, and allow your body quick and easy access
to energy stores.

5. Help You Stick to Your Diet

BCAAs are a great tool to use on a cut if you struggle with snacking or hunger
pangs. They often come in fruity flavors and can help to hold you over until your
next meal. Additionally, BCAA drinks can give you a pre-workout boost if you
don’t have time to eat, and can even be burned as an energy source for your


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