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How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Refeed Days

Refeed days, the thing every competitor wants to hear from their coach during contest prep. You can go out to eat with your friends, have some extra carbs during the day, and you get a sick pump. How do you maximize the benefits of your refeed days? This is a complex idea that can be […]

Recipe 1: Vanilla Birthday Cake

Ingredients: 1 scoop Myotrend Myo100 Vanilla Ice Cream 1 cup cashew milk ½ tsp vanilla extract 1 serving Enlightened Birthday Cake 2 tsp rainbow sprinkles Method: Place all ingredients except sprinkles into a blender and blend on high for 30-60 seconds. Pour into your favorite glass, top with sprinkles and enjoy. Recipe 2: Mocha Chocolate […]

Protein Isn’t Just For Around A Workout

In bodybuilding and every part of life, protein is key. Protein gives your body the ability to recovery faster, increase & maintain muscle mass, improve our immune system, lose weight & fat, and overall have a healthier lifestyle. The big question I normally get is, “when should I eat protein? Is it not just for […]

Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

Everyone knows that guy at the gym or the clerk at the local supplement shop who forces a particular supplement down your throat because it is the newest and best thing on the market. They claim it will help you gain 16.3 pounds of muscle in 12-weeks and all you have to do is lift […]

Preworkout Pump

The infamous preworkout pump is something desired by all bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts during their workout. The pump can be attributed to many different things including the what you ate before you trained, the supplements you take, and what your training looks like. We are going to discuss all of these factors in detail so […]

Mushroom Pump

You may be wondering why this article is titled “Mushroom Pump.” Mushroom is in reference to one of the ingredients found in the MYOPRE™ formula; not the psychedelic mushrooms your grandparents tried at Woodstock. MYOPRE™ contains a specialty ingredient called PEAK02®, which is a patented blend of ergogenic (performance enhancing) mushrooms. We included PEAK02® in […]


Betaine is probably an ingredient you have seen, but you never understood why it is included in supplements. Betaine is also known as Trimethylglycine meaning that it comes from the amino acid glycine with the addition of three “methyl” groups, which means it can perform various different functions in the body. The known benefits of […]

TeaCrine® Squashes Caffeine

Introduction & Background Theacrine, patented TeaCrine®, is one of the hottest growing ingredients and for good reason. This caffeine-like substance can be classified as a nootropic or cognitive enhancer similar to caffeine without the negative side-effects. The research on theacrine is promising and by the explosion of supplement companies using it, will most likely lead […]

Does caffeine improve your performance?

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world.  Many people consume caffeine daily in the form of coffee, tea, energy drinks, and pre-workout.  Caffeine is used because it has been shown to increase power, strength, time to exhaustion, and increase pain tolerance.  In fact, caffeine is so effective it has been shown to […]