About Us

The Ultimate Standard Of Sports Nutrition Excellence Has Arrived


It’s simple: MYOTREND® is about having an impact and making a difference in each other’s life. At the fabric of our DNA are core values that encourage self-improvement, honesty, integrity along with self-discipline and self-respect. As a brand, every day, we strive to innovate and reinvent our industry. We also encourage each member of our team to develop a balanced lifestyle reflecting the core values of our mission.

We are obsessed with every facet of our customer’s experience! We are unrelenting in our pursuit of self-improvement and delivering resources to make our customers amazing.


There isn’t a brand focus more important than providing our customers an amazing MYOTREND® experience with products, services and social platforms. Every decision made is all about enhancing the customer experience.


To create a ripple in the water of our industry that makes everything and everyone better.



  • To value the customer above all else
  • To serve our customers in every way
  • To empower our customers to set and crush goals
  • To make a difference in everything we do
  • To be transparent in our mission and purpose
  • To change consumers expectation


Every care has been given to ensure that every detail of the development process has been strictly observed to ensure the absolute highest degree of potency, purity and effectiveness including full transparency and third party verification of label and formula.


Would you agree that if a formula is so great the formulator would proudly display it for everyone to see in the supplement facts panel? Then, what reason would any brand have for hiding its formula in a proprietary blend?

A proprietary blend is a paragraph in the supplement facts of a product that lists all of the ingredients in the blend. It doesn’t list the individual dose of the ingredients in the formula instead it totals them. The user is forced to trust and hope that the formula is properly dosed.

Every proprietary blend exists to because the company knows their product is not properly dosed and they’re hiding behind their ability to give you the least amount of information they can. They do not want to reveal their formula, therefore you should reward them by buying it!


Myotrend believes it can have a profound impact on our industry by helping to change consumer expectations. Many brands on the market today conceal their formulas through proprietary blends. As a result, consumers are left having to blindly trust that what they’re taking will be effective for them. Myotrend believes in total transparency and disclosing the exact dose of each individual ingredient with the goal of providing the consumer with the information they need to make more educated decisions on their supplements. That’s the Myotrend difference.


  1. Consumers should NEVER expect to see a proprietary blend in any product they would consider buying.
  2. Consumers should ALWAYS expect to see every detail about the formula they consider buying.
  3. Consumers should ALWAYS demand a third-party certificate of analysis guaranteeing that what is in the product is what is on the label.

That’s exactly what MYOTREND is doing.