November 28, 2018
Having a well-developed chest is a hallmark of being a great bodybuilder. To have a well-built chest it requires years of training. But today you are in luck because I am going to share the ultimate chest workout to maximize your gains. Warm Up First, we are going to warm up because no one wants...
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Pre-exhaustion is hailed as one of the best techniques to use for a stubborn body part that will not grow. Pre-exhaustion is the practice of using an isolation exercise before a compound movement. For example, if a bodybuilder performed a cable fly before the incline barbell chest press. This is because it’s believed that using...
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Introduction In bodybuilding and every part of life, protein is key. Protein gives your body the ability to recovery faster, increase & maintain muscle mass, improve our immune system, lose weight & fat, and overall have a healthier lifestyle. The big question I normally get is, “when should I eat protein? Is it not just...
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